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How many paintball are required?


This is a question that regularly pops up. At rebellion players use an average of 100 paintball per game. We generally play 5 games in each of the half day sessions, giving 10 games in a full day session. Therefore, on average we would expect players to use approx. 500 paintball on a half day session, or 1000 paintball on a full day session. However, this is an estimate based on the average usage by our customers, and the amount of paintball you use depends on how trigger happy you are.


What should I wear when I come to Rebellion?


You should dress for the occasion. The paint we use should not stain clothes, however this cannot be guaranteed even with the coveralls we provide. Please wear old clothes and suitable footwear. The playing area is woodland with uneven ground, and we do not allow customers to play wearing soft canvas style trainers or any type of open toed shoes.


I've heard that it hurts when you get hit by the paintballs. how sore is it?


It can hurt a little when you are hit with paintballs, and how much it hurts really depends on how close you are to the person that shot you, and where you were hit. We advise our customers to layer up so as to minimise any discomfort that you may feel.


What do you mean 'Layer Up'?


Wear padded clothes, such as a thick jumper, or even put on an extra t-shirt or two. basically wear some extra layers of clothes to soften any impact from the paintballs.


Is paintball just for the men or can females play too?


Rebellion Paintball is open for boys, girls, men and women. We offer chest protection to all female players as part of the equipment hire for a little extra protection. There are plenty of women and girls who play paintball on sites as customers and at walkons, scenario games or tournaments with various teams.


Is there an age limit for players?


Due to insurance restriction we are unable to take players younger than 12, and if you are between 12 and 16 you require to get your parent or guardian to come to Rebellion Paintball with you to sign a parental consent form and wait on site during play.


Can I use my own equipment and paintballs?


We will let you wear your own coveralls or camo clothing, and we may let you use your own mask, and in some circumstances your own paintball marker, however the site staff have the final decision on the day.

We won't allow you to bring your own paintballs.

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